About Establishment

SV electricals & industries was founded in 2016 in Bhopal area With the brand name of Lumen , on the basis of use innovative technology to provide luxury and quality product for Improving living standard .In this company even employee is treated as the company partner and motivate to work hard without any stress.Company's main motto to satisfy employee for satisfying customer.we try to not even single customer dissatisfy with our product and services. In the field of LED lighting more opportunity to develop luxuries product and make life more comfortable.Now a days lighting industry is full of dependent of LED because of energy saving and numerous quality product like LED bulb in million of color (RGB COLOR) to choice of people which type of color they want .Other light like Panel light ,tube light , flood light , street light , cob light , spot light , and numerous type of fancy light available in millions of variety but opportunity naver end here there is more possibility to develop new product in LED light.And our firm working towards it to develop new product which is more luxuries and energy efficient. LED project is environment friendly , government praising, energy saving product. SV electricals & industries is founded on the basis of innovative product and quqlity assurance , We believe in quality product at affordable price.We are commited to develop "NEXT GENERATION LIGHT "


  • To Become Top 10 Company In the Field of Innovation & TechnologyDevelopment.

  • Billion company in 2019


Our vision is to be the worldwide driving accomplice for supportable lighting solutions for proficient clients.


  • Our missionto reach each & every dist. in India with at least in market product . oneFranchise(Dealership) & customer service unit.

  • We arecommitted to providing the best quality products & Services that ourCustomer Expected.

  • Ourcommitment to continuous improvement and total quality services.

  • Our mission to provide the innovative products and trend market product.